Who doesn’t love animal print? and who doesn’t love finest silk for their pajama? The answer is Esotico from the new collection Ready to Wear. Crafted in Italy as all the garments of Dom Perri, this amazing pajama is already one of our top seller.

“This collection of pajamas is sexy, passional, playful, exciting and unique” – Dana Savuica

Many celebrities bought already this Pajama, such as the beautiful Dana Savuica, which has shared with us some amazing photos meanwhile wearing Esotico.

Dana Savuica wearing Esotico

Esotico comes in an extraordinary Limited Edition Package with an Authenticity Card – like all the original products of Dom Perri – and is completely made in Italy.

This amazing collection has been created by Domenico Perri in collaboration with Anisa Sandulache. If you want to buy this pajama you can do it here: Esotico