Dom Perri brings over three decade of experience in bespoke tailoring to the world of women’s custom clothing. Dom Perri’s range of custom womenswear includes suits, blouses, pants, tuxedos, blazers, skirts and more. If you are looking for business attire with an unparalleled fit, Dom Perri has you covered.

“Let us dress the best version of yourself, let us made you a woman to be remembered” – Domenico Perri CEO Dom Perri

“The making of custom women’s clothing is a true art, it’s requiring another level of specialization and attention to detail”, as the Owner & CEO of Dom Perri, Mr Domenico Perri says. Women’s bodies and measurements are even more unique than men’s, which means looking for that perfect fit takes much more care and finesse.

Dom Perri BESPOKE: Unique, flattering and stylish

Where off-the-rack clothing is constructed as a set of generic patterns and sizes, Dom Perri’s women’s bespoke garments are crafted to each client’s specific measurements, allowing for more precise sizing that’s unique, flattering and stylish. Both in and out of the office, looking and feeling your best boosts confidence, and nothing fits better than bespoke. You have enough challenges throughout the workday, and your wardrobe shouldn’t have to be one of them. Schedule an appointment with Domenico Perri to begin building your custom wardrobe with our new collection of women’s bespoke.